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A daydream represents an excursion of a self into a mindscape consciously constructed by that self. The same general process applies for dreams. However, the formation of the dreamscape is slightly different.

Dreamscapes can be thought of as being closely related to mindscapes. Like mindscapes they are not constrained to the rules of construction which directly reflect those of the external physical world. Unlike mindscapes, however, dreamscapes are not consciously constructed by the self who is about to undergo the excursion. Rather, the dreamscape is generated via one of two processes – either it is spontaneously generated from information filtered through the corporate self and the realm primus, or, in other cases, is consciously generated by a helper or a self other than the self who undergoes the excursion.

In this latter process the dream becomes a method of communication between helpers and selves and between selves. This form of communication may represent a method which may have been much more important in times when humans were non-verbal.





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