Legion Theory

Lifespan changes

The birth of selves

Selves are innate, and part of our genetic structure. Newborn babies arrive with a handful of selves. In early years, the shift in executive control of the body from one self to another is quite marked. As the child develops, these shifts become smoother. Additional selves appear as the child develops. This is especially true at specific milestones such as adolescence and middle age. We term the ‘birth’ of selves, their release from their potential genetic store, emergence.

The development of realms

At birth, the processes of the realm primus and those of the corporate self have yet to differentiate. Similarly, the processes underlying selves and characters have also yet to differentiate. The first period in the child’s life comprises the differentiation of these two great sets of processes and the commencement of the process of building up the rules of construction of the realm primus.

This is followed by a period in which the rules of construction of the realm primus gradually develop. At this stage the realm secundus does not yet exist and the child does not have the capacity to form mindscapes. Although at this stage the child can undertake excursions into dreamscapes.

When the rules of construction of the realm primus have become quite sophisticated, and the processes of the realm primus have separated from those of the corporate self, the realm secundus forms and selves may now undertake excursions into the realm secundus.

At a later stage, the child will develop the capacity to form mindscapes and to undertake excursions to them.

Driven from observations of Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), or as it is now termed, Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Legion Theory proposes two types of selves, five types of realm, and the process of excursion. Once developed, however, Legion Theory provides more than simply a model of DID. Legion Theory is a psychological meta-theory which provides a common framework to explain many psychological phenomena. At Legiontheory.com we provide examples of some of the phenomena explained by Legion Theory.






The two pillars

The selves



Lifespan changes



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