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Legion Theory is a big story and it was originally written up as a book. In 2004 we thought we were ready to bring Legion Theory to the world. Unfortunately publishers weren't as excited as we were about a theory developed from multiple personality which explains so many things about people.

First we were rejected in Australia. For example, one of Australia's top publishers wrote:

Dear Mark,
Re: The Three Faces of Eve
Thank you for sending your proposal......

Unfortunately, The three faces of Eve was written by Corbett Thigpen and Hervey Cleckley and published in 1957. So we thought if we're going to be rejected in Australia by publishers who can't get the name of our book right - we may as well get rejected in London.

Which we were. One London literary agent wrote:

This is a very fascinating and serious book and is well written and well constructed. It's not something that really falls into our field, I'm afraid.

And another suggested:

I seriously think that the likeliest place for your book to find commercial success with a general-trade rather than an Academic publisher is in the American market.

So we thought if we're going to get rejected in London, we may as well get rejected in New York – and we were.

Alas, I didn't jump up and down over these pages. You certainly can write, but this just wasn't my cup of tea.

And so in January 2006, we stopped trying to present our story as a book and began the slow process of telling the story in academic journals. The core theory was written up in our paper Legion Theory: A meta-psychology and submitted to the journal Theory & Psychology, after review and revision the paper finally appeared in print in December 2007. We're continuing the story – as much still has to be said – with several other papers in varying stages of progress with other academic journal publishers.

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