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  "My name is Legion, for we are many".



A New Psychology

Who can understand humans? They’re a strange lot.

In the late 1800s, most of the big names in psychology and psychiatry thought that the key to working out humans was to look at people with Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which we now call Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) - that’s people who act like they have more than one person living in their body.

But Sigmund Freud changed all that and psychology and psychiatry went down a different road – one where multiple personality became a novelty and a curiosity.

But what if the many early researchers weren’t wrong? What if multiple personality is more than a novelty and a curiosity?

This is the question we have asked. What we have done is to revisit this idea, studied the reports of multiple personality which have been gathered over more than a century, and from this study developed a new theory of the human mind – Legion Theory. That is, Legion Theory does not simply explain multiple personalities, it is an overarching theory of psychology, a meta-theory, which provides an explanation for many normal and abnormal aspects of the human mind.

Legion Theory is an academically legitimate theory which has been formally presented in the journal Theory & Psychology. The purpose of this website is to provide information regarding Legion Theory to a wider audience and to provide more information about Legion Theory as it is developed

— Dr Mark L Manning and Rana L Manning

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